Thursday, October 15, 2009

Humans and the dependency of machines

So I've been thinking about what's gonna happen when it comes to technology and people. Today, there's a rise of cellphones that have more than just the ability to call people, there are MP3 players that have cameras and internet access and p2p sharing, and we're living in a world where social networking has becomes the new dating and friendship connection. We're, in a sense, relying on machines and the internet at an increasing alarming rate, to the point that one day we won't be able to function without them.

Further back, what about things like cars and trains - they were, at one point, considered technological advancements. Today, we've modified and created systems that are so much more efficient, and we continue to improve them. We've evolved past even needing to travel or send something out to get in contact someone. We've surpassed the physical realm, and we think that this technology will always be there. Imagine what would happen when the internet crashes?

A bit scary, huh?

What do you guys think?

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