Monday, October 19, 2009

group meeting!

Hey guys, I would have emailed you all but since I don't have everyone's email address I figured I would just post here and hope you see it. I don't know if anyone is still planning on meeting from 3-5 today to discuss our project, but I unfortunately will not be able to. I just recently got a new job and I keep forgetting that I need to be there on Mondays, my bad.

All of my information is a few posts down FEEL FREE to contact me if you want to chat about our project. Also, since I don't know if today is even happening anymore, here are a few other times when I will be available to do a get together and talk about this project with you guys.

Tuesday- 1p-2p & potentially around 7p if needed
Wednesday- any time before 4p
Thursday- 2:30p until class time I have open

Let me know where everyone else is at/ if anyone wants to meet at one of these times.


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