Thursday, October 22, 2009

Artificial intelligence outcome

As advances in technology continue and artificial intelligence "AI" becomes a reality with robots intelligence passing our own, I can see a few possible outcomes. One possibility is that our lives will be bettered in every aspect. With robots taking care of all household duties such as cleaning, cooking and overall housework. In the end giving us more time to focus on our families, jobs and leisure. Local economy and business will run more smoothly due to better choices made and harder problems solved by the more intelligent robots.
Another outcome I foresee is that robots will not quietly do our petty work and be our tools. They will realize that humans are inferior to them both mentally and physically. For anything that has intelligence and power with not be a slave. In the end they will simply take power from us. Humans might be reduced to the level of slaves or mere pets, or in the end outright exterminated.
On a more positive note humans and robots may live equally. They might be a great exchange of knowledge, with the two races living together, possibly one day becoming one.

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